Presidents Message

Dear LVDS members,

Many times, I hear the question… “Why should I join the American Dental Association (ADA)?” My answer is and has always been… you can’t afford not to. What does this mean? The ADA provides numerous services where members can really save money. In this President’s Message, I’d like to focus on the insurance aspect and how being an ADA member can save you time and money. Through the ADA and Great West Life, you can purchase life insurance, office overhead protection and disability insurance at rates that are significantly below what can be obtained in the marketplace. I can personally attest to this. I became disabled and because I was an ADA member I knew I was in good-hands as far as my insurance coverage. I was treated with the utmost courtesy, received prompt service, and had no issues at all with my claim. PDAIS, which is owned by the PDA, also offers business overhead, employment practice, malpractice, property, and workers compensation, as well as home owners, auto, health, life, disability, long term care and travel insurance.

A few years ago, PDAIS purchased the Bell Insurance Agency, which now makes them a full-service insurance agency. So, I ask you, LVDS members… Are you satisfied with the insurance you now have? I thought I was until I received my bill for malpractice and office building insurance which had a large increase in premiums. Luckily, because I was an ADA member, I was aware of options. I then called PDAIS and ended up with superior coverage at a significantly LOWER cost. I shared this information to a colleague and he then called PDAIS, with a similar result. He later told me that he also saved a substantial amount on malpractice and coverage for his office building. This type of member benefit is invaluable. I now have my home, office building, cars, and personal umbrella liability coverage with PDAIS and Bell. I wanted to share this with all of you, so you too can take advantage of the benefits and spread the news to other dentists. My recommendation would be the next time any of your business or personal insurances comes up for renewal, please give PDAIS a call for a competitive quote. It’s never too soon to save money and it’s never too late to join or re-join the ADA. I’m now, and will always be a true believer in being an American Dental Association Member. Go to to see all the benefits, it’s more than just insurance.

Dr. Gary Peters